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You don’t have to go to a gym to get the benefits of btwb. With an individual subscription you get access to:

Free daily programming including Dumbbell, Bodyweight and No Equipment workouts

Premium Nutrition tracking with Macros and barcode scanning

Instant access to Movement Demo Videos, Fitness Level, Imbalances, Previous Results, Max Lifts and more

The World's Premier WOD Tracker

See your workouts & log your scores. btwb takes care of the rest.

Be prepared before the workout

btwb puts everything you need at your fingertips - demo videos, previous scores, workout stats.

Stay engaged, connected

Activity Feeds allow you to comment and emoji on other users' workout posts including custom curated Follow lists.

Simple gym administration

btwb's admin console gives access to member PRs, Committed Club, Body Comp changes and more


Results Drive Retention

Progress is motivating and keeps your members engaged. btwb makes it easy for your members to see their progress, both in fitness and body composition. Your job is to get them great results, our job is to make sure they see them.


Keep Members Engaged Outside of the Gym

btwb keeps your members connected to your gym, even when they’re at home. A notification of the WODs in the morning starts their day off right. Workout feeds let them interact with members from different class times.

Free Programming & Skill Programs

Programming that is balanced & effective, simple & elegant, broad & inclusive.

Programming for Gyms & Individuals. Powered by 10+ years experience and 100+ million logged results

Comes with lesson plans, guided warm-ups, and workout brief videos

Free programs to help you learn a new skill like First Strict Handstand Push-up or First Strict Ring Muscle-up

Earn Badges

Earn badges for popular workouts, gymnastics maxes, lifts, and running & rowing intervals. Also track lifetime movement milestones for major movement groups. Every rep counts!

The Calendar

Your calendar gives you what you need to take on your training every day. See your history for a given workout so you can go in with a plan. View extra notes and videos attached by gym admins and coaching programs. View streaks for workout & good nutrition days, and organize all the programming tracks that you follow.

Nutrition With Macros

Our goal was to give you all the premium features of other macro tracking platforms combined with our best-in-class workout tracking.

Log meals from over 550k grocery items, 140k restaurant items, and 25k common foods

Use barcode scanning, search, or build your own custom meals

Fitness Level

Fitness is a journey. Keep track of it with Fitness Level. Unlock each category to reveal your overall level, a non-biased view of your capabilities. Categories include Power Lifting, Olympic Lifting, Speed, Endurance, Bodyweight MetCons, Heavy MetCons, Light MetCons, and Long MetCons. Use your Fitness Level rating to monitor progress over time.

Instant Result Analysis

Get instant feedback on the workouts you log. We'll keep track of your PR's during lifting sessions, improvement in times over workouts you've done before, as well as your percentile ranking world-wide and in your gym.

Prepare For Training

Not sure about a specific movement in your workout? Watch a quick movement demo. Not sure if you should scale a weight on a workout? Check your movement history to see what your best recent lifts are, or use the Lifts Calculator to find a new percentage. Always get what you need to prepare for your workout.


Whether you want to see how your fellow gym-mates did on the WOD, or view worldwide leaderboards for your favorite benchmark, we've got you covered. You can even browse multi-workout leaderboards like the Open, or see who's King or Queen of Lifting at your gym.

Engage With Others

Use Gym and World activity feeds to stay up to date on epic performances by other btwb users. Build your own custom Follow list so that you never miss a new PR by those most important to you. Did you say emojis? We've got 10 of them waiting to be unlocked so that you can start showing some love!

Image & Location Tagging

Add some flare to your workout results by attaching an image and tagging a location. Our new workout result feed items put images and locations on full display in the Activity Feeds. A picture is worth 1000 words, so make sure you attach a good one!

Message & Follow

Stay connected with other btwb users via Direct Messaging. Maintain both 1-on-1 conversations and group chats. Use the world Activity Feed to discover and Follow new people to add to your custom list.

Even More Features

With even more features like Body Composition Targets, Imbalances, Training Days, Modalities, and WODscreen, you'll have all the tools you need to take your training to the next level. We constantly update, fix, and improve our service. Providing our users with the best of the best is our main priority, always.